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Jiangsu ZH Heavy Industry Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

HANGTE Rail Transit Technology Jiangsu Co., Ltd.

  Company Profile: ZH Heavy Industry, HANGTE Rail Transit Technology:
  Aviation Structure Industry-University-Research Experimental Base

  一、致力于高新产品研究与开发:伺服数控、数显:型材弯曲机、法兰机、伺服型材拉弯机,顶弯机、伺服数控弯弧机(滚弯机)、 智能数控四辊卷板机
  Committed to the research and development of high-tech products: servo CNC, digital display: profile bending machine, flange bending machine, servo profile stretch bending machine, top bending machine, servo CNC arc bending machine (roll bending machine), intelligent CNC four-roll plate rolling machine
  Product coverage at home and abroad (Europe, Asia)
  Multi-function profile bending machine (Heavy and oversized delivery overseas, one-click activation)
  3、数控多功能:伺服智能型材拉弯机; (欧洲、亚洲、重型一键启动)
  CNC multi-function: servo intelligent profile bending machine; (Europe, Asia, super heavy-duty first-key start)
  CNC intelligent: servo bending roll machine (Curve bending machine)
  CNC intelligent: Four Roller Rolling Machine (one-button start)
  Since its inception, the traditional series of products with stable innovation and development for 20 years: three-roll hydraulic, mechanical coiling machine, leveling machine, cutting machine, rapid development into the domestic plate industry, professional manufacturer of forging equipment such as forming and bending forming. .
  The company has domestic experts in bending forming, forging equipment manufacturing, and manufacturing of aviation orbital structural parts (one of the national thousand professors) for support and cooperation. It has necessary qualifications such as high-tech enterprises, science and technology enterprises, and has won patent certificates. Get professional reports from domestic media, the Internet, published papers, TV stations, innovations in high-tech special equipment, domestic top rankings, and a symbol of technical strength!
  三、lol竞猜哪个app 、航特科技(只争朝夕、不负韶华):科技创新促发展、追求诚信拓市场、科学管理求增效、为发展原则。荣获全国立信企业、真诚欢迎各界新老客户光临指导!实地考察洽谈、加盟合作、共创美好的明天!
  Science and technology innovation promotes development, high-quality products create brands, pursues integrity and expands the market, scientific management seeks efficiency and is the principle of development. Sincerely welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to visit and guide! Field trips, negotiations to join cooperation, create a better tomorrow!
  Applicable fields: various pressure vessels, steel structures, automobiles, aerospace, aviation, motor trains, elevators, highways, rail transit, bridge engineering, stadium shaped, curved modeling, sheet metal forming, bending, structural parts manufacturing industry. The products cover domestic and exported to overseas markets and are well received by customers!

诚信、创新、用心、敬业 !
Integrity, innovation, dedication and dedication!
Honorable, credible, co-created and win-win!

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